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The Text includes a narrative on the probable Ancestry of the first known Kenworthy, Hamon de Kenworthy of Kenworthy appearing in the Medieval records from the 1260’s. At the time of the Sub-infeudation of Kenworthy in Northenden by the Baron & St.Werburgh Abbey, there followed a Grant to the heir of Baron de Massey V1. The name adoption of Kenworthy could have been for the Baron's heir Hamon, because at this time land grants & full place name adoption signified direct heirship. An early example of this is Alan de Tatton of Tatton.
The Manorial life of the early Kenworthys shows they live side by side with the Lords of Tatton, the Knights of Baguley and Baron de Masseys of Dunham. Their association with these prominent families prove they are descended from a line of distinction, appearing in Plea Rolls and Charters and recorded in the Tatton records for many generations. Study the notes closely & see how the mystery of their origin is unravelled, with thanks largely to Leycester, Ormerod & Helsby for their notes on the History of Cheshire & the County Palatine of Chester.

  House and Ploughing. High Medieval period, 13th Century.  



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Early Medieval House
Early Medieval Plough
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